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The Numbers

  • Feb 6th- Clean out greenhouses
  • Feb 21- Started Seeds (Cold with a foot of snow)

Latest Garden Stories

Autumn is Coming

As we look out the window we see the days getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn ever so slightly. The temperatures are going from the heat of summer to the coolness of Autumn and with it, flower season is starting to close. The bright colors are still in our field but soon … Read More Autumn is Coming

Rain Flourishes Flowers

This week it seems like the rain has not let up but because of the rain all the flowers are getting watered regularly. They are happy and they seem to be enjoying the weather enough that day by day they grow. Every night we take walks around the gardens and see a new flower here … Read More Rain Flourishes Flowers

Sweet Pea Lane

One of the big installations this spring was the new sweet pea lane. An entrance to the new cutting garden required something fun. I had ordered a lot of Spencer Sweet Peas for sale at our farm stand and they needed a home to grow. Bruce created a walkway into the garden with lumber and … Read More Sweet Pea Lane


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