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Early Morning Start

From January through April, it’s tax season so as winter fades I see Bruce less and less due to work demand. Saturday mornings find us getting up before the sun and getting ready. Today, I headed out to the studio and got to snap some photos that I wouldn’t have gotten a year ago in the city. Still need to adjust my red hutch … Read More Early Morning Start


Hurricane a Glow

Today, you can get lamp oil and use the lamps. Some say you can even use olive oil which I have not tried. The chimney does get smokey but make sure you use your glass top so you don’t burn your house down! Some of the hurricane lamps take a simple candle. Keep it away for high traffic areas. It’s no surprise growing up … Read More Hurricane a Glow


Antiques in Corry

This week’s expedition was Corry PA. We heard of a new antique mall at the Ruff Acres Antique Roadshow and decided to go for a road trip. Bruce failed to tell me about the length of the drive. Note to readers: I revert to a seven year old on road trips that are longer than 20 minutes. I have a rule if it’s over … Read More Antiques in Corry