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Autumn is Coming

As we look out the window we see the days getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn ever so slightly. The temperatures are going from the heat of summer to the coolness of Autumn and with it, flower season is starting to close. The bright colors are still in our field but soon we will miss the brightness of the season everywhere … Read More Autumn is Coming


Edible Bouquets

Some of the bouquets we make are filled with edible flowers and herbs. We have grown some unique varieties of edible flowers and herbs on the farm so we can use them in regular bouquets but so we can also make completely edible bouquets. The completely edible bouquets can be used throughout the week to add flavor and color to home cooked meals. Fresh … Read More Edible Bouquets


The Height of the Season

Bouquets are these amazing things that sprout to life from what we grow on the farm. It always amazes me how each and every color and variety can come together to make a beautiful arrangement. When we gather the flowers to make arrangements we pick the freshest and best looking blooms that grow around the farm. White flowers and pink, huge dahlias and small … Read More The Height of the Season


Rain Flourishes Flowers

This week it seems like the rain has not let up but because of the rain all the flowers are getting watered regularly. They are happy and they seem to be enjoying the weather enough that day by day they grow. Every night we take walks around the gardens and see a new flower here and a new color there. Bright oranges, deep blues; … Read More Rain Flourishes Flowers


Relaxing & Planning

This week we are taking some time off for the 4th of July Week and enjoying the warm weather and quiet moments of relaxation. Planting is all but done and now it is just time to watch the flowers grow. We may be doing some late season sowing soon to give us a little more inventory for later in the season so stay tuned … Read More Relaxing & Planning


Poppies, Hydrangeas & Zinnias

As the seasons change from Spring to Summer the planting time dwindles and we wait patiently for the flowers to grow. A week goes by then another and we see them grow slowly throwing out shoots and greenery, teasing us with what is about to come. Then the weather changes and the heat index rises along with rain showers that wash over the fields. … Read More Poppies, Hydrangeas & Zinnias


Sweet Peas are just starting to flower in the garden.

There’s a good mix of early Summer flowers ready for your bouquets this week. You have six weeks left in most of your subscriptions which would bring us out to August 5th. If you have a vacation and need to skip a week that will be fine just let us know or if you want more flowers throughout August you can skip this week … Read More Sweet Peas are just starting to flower in the garden.


Dahlias Blooming and Subscription Update

Subscription BouquetsOn Hold This Week This week we continue to see massive spurts of growth because the weather has cooperated with good temps and some much needed rain showers. There was a decent peony showing so we were able to get some of our first bouquets out for subscription with the big beautiful peony blossoms. Now we just have to wait a couple more … Read More Dahlias Blooming and Subscription Update


Peonies in Bloom

Subscription Bouquets Ready! If you have a bouquet subscription with us, you can pick a time between 9-11 Friday or Saturday to pick up your bouquet or feel free to email us at for a more convenient time. This is a special spring bouquet. We may have a week or two after this while we wait for more flowers to sprout. If you’ve … Read More Peonies in Bloom


Planting Season

Cars are beginning to stop by and people anxiously awaiting flower season. Soon, I Promise. Last year our first subscription was in mid July. We may start earlier this year and have a week break in between depending on the nature’s whims. We have Peonies almost ready to pop and we may start doing bouquets with them next week or the week after. I always feel … Read More Planting Season

+ Store Bought Roses

Bouquets from Store Bought Roses

In my younger years, I had a hard fast rule. The rule was don’t buy me red roses to all my boyfriends. Bruce knows this rule and does very well buying me orchids and this year I know I’m getting Dahlia bulbs. Red roses are fine if that’s your thing. To me they’re so over done. I much prefer pastel roses or light pink … Read More Bouquets from Store Bought Roses

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