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Rain Flourishes Flowers

This week it seems like the rain has not let up but because of the rain all the flowers are getting watered regularly. They are happy and they seem to be enjoying the weather enough that day by day they grow. Every night we take walks around the gardens and see a new flower here and a new color there. Bright oranges, deep blues; … Read More Rain Flourishes Flowers


April Garden Update

Blooms are just starting to pop this week in our gardens. Can you feel it! Spring is sprouting.

+ Genovese-basil

Basil Genovese

One of our favorite types of Basil is the Genovese Basil Variety. We usually start seeding this basil Mid March. It’s a classic Italian variety of Basil that produces all year for us. We use it in various recipes through the season. My favorite is just cut up on pizza. Available when in Season /**/


Apple Trees

I love apple trees. Is any garden complete without an apple tree? The spring blooms in the summer can look like a cloud of white. When I was young, I would buy an apple tree for my dad at the local General Tractor for father’s day or his birthday. He’s always loved apple trees. One of the main reasons it brings wildlife into the … Read More Apple Trees

Winter Solstace Tree

Bruce planted our winter solstice tree yesterday. Our goal is to plant one every year (maybe in the fall haha). Continuing the tradition passed down from my parents. They always had balled Christmas trees that they planted after Christmas. Our twist is planting one outdoors and decorating it on the winter solstice with edibles for the wildlife.


Black Greenhouse Gathering Part 1

We had always wanted to build an antique vintage greenhouse. We’ve been picking and collecting windows since we moved into the farm. These ones were bought at a sale on Open Meadows where Bruce grew up. They’re from the Old School House. March when the wind was whipping and snowflakes were flying I was busy planting seeds in my little greenhouse. I planted so … Read More Black Greenhouse Gathering Part 1


The Black Greenhouse Build – Part 2 The Windows

Often, people say that Betsy keeps me busy with all her projects. There is usually a problem with that statement because it is usually my idea to be crazy and do certain things. For instance she was fine with the small greenhouse and how it functioned for her. I was, on the other hand, not fine with the cramped quarters and how it functioned.  … Read More The Black Greenhouse Build – Part 2 The Windows


Purple Skies

It was a scorcher hot July a few days ago. Those hot sticky muggy nights where your one true friend is the ac. We were zoning in front of the tv and oblivious to anything around us except the heat. For an instant, I turned my head and noticed the beautiful sky. Guilt set in… why am I just zoning when this happens? I … Read More Purple Skies

April Greenhouse Tour


The Wind Began to Switch – the House to Pitch

Bruce began to taunt me, in early December, with hints of my 40th birthday present. Leading up to the big occasion, I was allowed to ask one question per day. So Mineral, Animal… Red, Green etc. The taunting went on and on. I was pretty sure he had gotten me a greenhouse but then he started to get me off track purposefully and then … Read More The Wind Began to Switch – the House to Pitch


Hummer Nectar Recipe

I was out filling our decimated bird feeders this evening (man, those birds can eat!) when I heard a buzzing. Was it a bee? A mosquito? Nope, it was a hummingbird. Alas, those feeders were empty too. I think he buzzed me to let me know that he wanted a little something too. I think everyone knows that sugar water is better for hummingbirds … Read More Hummer Nectar Recipe

+ Lilac Bushes


Lilac buds bursting as early as January are the norm around here. We wait and wait for May to come to smell the fresh scent of Spring. Enjoy the fleeting smell of Lilacs while you can.  A spring bouquet full of lilacs would be so perfect for any bouquet. Lilacs come in purple, pink and white. A delicate flower without a lot of fuss. … Read More Lilacs